League of Legends | Gameplay De Darius En Español [HD]

Por iruubeen 25/07/12 11:16


Guía Evelynn Español [Temporada 2] League of Legends

Por deathscyth3 25/07/12 10:22

Guía Evelynn

Guía Olaf Español [Temporada 2] League of Legends

Por deathscyth3 24/07/12 02:45

Guía Olaf

Guía Orianna Español [Temporada 2] League of Legends

Por deathscyth3 23/07/12 18:42

Guía Orianna

Guía Jayce Español [Temporada 2] League of Legends

Por deathscyth3 23/07/12 18:33

Guía Jayce

1v5 Vladimir Pentakill [League of Legends]

Por breixone 23/07/12 18:22

This is my first Pentakill ever in LoL!!! (:: Finally! Leave a like and comment! :) Muy cebao este Vladimir !! Me encanta

Guile Theme Goes With Everything (Dyrus)

Por RoDRa 23/07/12 06:23

Dyrus en estado puro

Pentakill antes de que salgan los minions

Por Kails 21/07/12 03:27

Holy shit... At 0:45 my POV will start! Link to the video that it was originally in + more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6

Dimitri Talks About LoL Elo Hell

Por RoDRa 16/07/12 21:20

Dimitri talks about being in LoL Elo hell and is pleasantly surprised.

Cómo hacerse un penta a lvl 1 con Ezreal

Por Sierrazas 5/07/12 15:15

From Xpecial's PoV. Link to the game: http://www.own3d.tv/video/295081/SoloMid.net_-_Xpecial__id_10953__Archive__2011-11-22_

Mowarth Lee Sin plays in AFT Finals

Por RoDRa 4/07/12 20:19

Second game of the bo3 finals in April Fools Tournament. Mowarth demonstrates how to Lee Sin.

Nuevo parche Jayce - League of Legends ( Jayce Patch )

Por Kails 3/07/12 19:13

Se el primero en enterarte de todas las novedades del próximo parche de League of Legends. Información de Reign of Gaming.

900 Elo Game 2 - Fiddle OP

Por AnuBiSiLLo 3/07/12 16:03

http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e526dee7a60b272054694 Ulting creeps is the new meta FIDDLE OP! Nerf ASAP pl0x

Stonewall008 comentando una jugada en español con Trundle

Por AnuBiSiLLo 3/07/12 16:01

GUSTA porque te dije cabron Masteries Rojos de Tacos Amarillos de Tortilla Azul de Borachitos Morado de Chicle

mTw (Goose) Kennen Survival - IPL4 Qualifier Highlights - League of Legends

Por KingFish 29/06/12 22:07

Balls, the top lane Kennen player for mTw (formerly Goose) pulls off some sick moves to stay alive against aAa (Against All Auth

M5 vs Fnatic Highlight

Por RoDRa 29/06/12 12:03

Así se pelea un nashor

Soraka Pro Frags | MLG | No-Scope | Carry Hard

Por RoDRa 27/06/12 21:44

surrender at 20 fools

League of Legends: Zoning Tutorial

Por RoDRa 27/06/12 13:34

There are plenty of champion guides detailing skill and item builds. I wanted to make something that explains the basic mechanic

*Official* League of Legends Teaser Trailer

Por RoDRa 27/06/12 13:30

The *Official* League of Legends Teaser Trailer. Enjoy! PLAY FOR FREE at signup.leagueoflegends.com.

League of Legends: Stick Figure Spotlight

Por RoDRa 27/06/12 13:29

Play League for free here! - http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4df9d883bcf82524398505 Add me on Facebook! - http://www.f

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