Welcome to 2400 elo

Por Whiteness 14/09/12 13:17

To the moon!

League of Legends - Tutorial de Warwick

Por almostpenta 13/09/12 12:28

Tutorial de Warwick, el cazador sanguinario. ¿Quieres que publique un tutorial de tu campeón favorito? ¡Comenta en el vídeo!

Monthly Winner Month #8

Por Spank 13/09/12 11:26

Vote here: http://www.protatomonster.com/vote Music Supplied by Monstercat Media: Song Name: Hello (Centra Remix) Artist Na

Champion Spotlight: Syndra, the Dark Sovereign

Por Spank 13/09/12 11:10

Learn how to transcend your enemies with Syndra's powerful burst damage and area denial in this Champion Spotlight! Click her

Como utilizar la ulti de Twisted Fate

Por Whiteness 13/09/12 03:05

O como no hacerlo, depende como lo mires.

Blitz owneando noobs en elo hell

Por HuesitosHD 12/09/12 23:29

↓ Porque no me abres? ↓ Hay informacion interesante :D League of Legends: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4bffe06d0348

Graves PENTAKILL /// League of Legends

Por abrodex 12/09/12 21:24

Pentakill con mi amiguito graves ^^

¿Nuevo Meta? All Top

Por Kails 12/09/12 17:09

Aphromoo, Wingsofdeath, Chauster, Remstars, and maggstar pull off a victory in ranked 5's with an all top promote strat on Aphro

El gank a top definitivo

Por Kails 12/09/12 12:28

The fat Gragas, the speedy Blitzcrank, and the sneaky Teemo attempts to gank the toplane! I will definitely make more league-

Let Fizz Recall

Por thrazz 12/09/12 11:26

Look away for 2 seconds while recalling and Ashe tries to kill me ._. Recall under tower and Xin tries to dive me...

Better nerf Arya

Por almostpenta 12/09/12 02:04

OP Arya is OP. Twitter: @almostpentakill Facebook: facebook.com/almostpentakill.esp Nick ingame: Drathak

League of Legends - Tutorial de Trundle

Por almostpenta 12/09/12 02:02

Tutorial de Trundle, el troll maldito. ¿Quieres que publique un tutorial de tu campeón favorito? ¡Comenta en el vídeo! ¡Su

LoL Epic - Azingy Lvl 4 Nexus Dive @ Go4LoL #78

Por Whiteness 11/09/12 11:53

Azingy getting 1000 Bonus Armor and magic resist due to a bug bossing it up. More of my casting @ www.twitch.tv/dexirian


Por Whiteness 10/09/12 18:08

The new full version of TONS OF DAMAGE! Thanks for watching guys! Sorry this has taken SO long had a lot of issues with softwa

League of Legends : Conspiracy

Por Whiteness 10/09/12 15:22

No description available.

Batalla épica de minions

Por Kails 10/09/12 11:43

Please leave a like and subscribe for more awesome content! So many minions that super minions spawned :P (as a safety measur

Scarra #1 Warder NA

Por thrazz 10/09/12 08:52

Title says it all. You gotta watch it in 720 because I only recorded it in halfscreen instead of fullscreen.

Graves big plays

Por Spank 9/09/12 17:00

Una de las peores jugadas de padrinosky en league of legends Worst play by padrinosky on league of legends

Gragas - Laning Poke/Harass combo

Por RoDRa 9/09/12 16:44

Fun with gragas ults


Por nPeX 9/09/12 16:28

Aqui estamos en una ranked 5v5 un tanto troll pick por nuestra parte cuando un gank de nocturne nos sorprende teniendo que refug

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