LoL Gamescom - Moscow 5 vs Fnatic Game 2 - European Regionals

Por RoDRa 20/08/12 08:47

See the rest of the matches as they are uploaded here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC740824774BAEB3F&feature=plcp

LoL Gamescom - Moscow 5 vs Fnatic Game 1 - European Regionals

Por RoDRa 20/08/12 08:47

Moscow 5 vs Fnatic at the Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescom.


Por RoDRa 19/08/12 13:48

Ocelote y Araneae, con el resto de su equipo, celebrando su clasificación para el Championship, superando a CLG.eu

Cooking with xPeke

Por RoDRa 19/08/12 12:23

Join Fnatic's AP Mid xPeke as he cooks some pasta

I'm French

Por RoDRa 18/08/12 14:19

You probably wont understand this video, I'm french. FOR REFERENCE ON WHAT THIS IS ABOUT, WATCH THIS FIRST: http://www.youtube.

League of Legends - European Regionals at Gamescom: Day 2 Recap

Por RoDRa 18/08/12 11:20

Here in Cologne, Germany, the weather was hot, the convention halls were packed, and SK Gaming, Acer Poland, Counter Logic Gamin

SK vs Acer - Gamescom 2012 Game 2 Nashor Steal + win.

Por Kails 18/08/12 09:08

↓ Porque no me abres? ↓ Hay informacion interesante :D League of Legends - SK vs Acer - Gamescom. Game 2 Nashor Steal + win.

League of Legends Champions Retrospective

Por Kails 17/08/12 21:45

Riot Games co-founders Brandon "Ryze" Beck and Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill team up with some of the Rioters behind the champions o

Best Cosplay Interview ever!- Gamescon 2012

Por Kails 17/08/12 20:25

BEST.INTERVIEW.EVER! Recorded from gamescom 2012 livestream at www.twitch.tv/esl_lol

Someone Throws an Orange at Phreak

Por RoDRa 17/08/12 13:07

ya sabeis... TONS OF ORANGES!!!

League of Legends Best Plays and Highlights - IEM EU Regionals Day 1 Gamescom 2012

Por Kails 17/08/12 10:35

Some of the best plays and moments of the League of Legends EU Regionals, Day 1 at Gamescom 2012. Check out the full vids, click

League of Legends : Riot Points Hack Get 60k RP

Por RoDRa 16/08/12 21:25

Get rich or die trying. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/515917

Well this is awkward..

Por RoDRa 16/08/12 16:02

El gran Joe Miller haciendo alarde de reflejos

900 Elo Game 3 - Casual Rock

Por AnuBiSiLLo 15/08/12 23:26


900 Elo Game

Por AnuBiSiLLo 15/08/12 23:22

Para los que duden si es 900 elo game, no son rankeds, son jugadas de lows, el autor solo lo puso para hacer la "gracia", como u

900 Elo Game 4 - Alistar Guide

Por AnuBiSiLLo 15/08/12 22:53

Alistar noob :|

The World's Best Blitzcrank # 3

Por AnuBiSiLLo 15/08/12 22:26

Bliztcrank troleando: 3º Parte

Blitzcrank pretends to suck then PULLS a kill! (10 times!)

Por AnuBiSiLLo 15/08/12 22:24

Bliztcrank troleando: 2º parte

The World's Best Blitzcrank # 1

Por AnuBiSiLLo 15/08/12 22:23

Un Bliztcrank troleando: 1º Parte

Champion Spotlight: Katarina, the Sinister Blade

Por Kails 15/08/12 21:47

Watch the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Katarina, the Sinister Blade, with expert strategy and tactics by Riot

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